The Lean and Strong HIIT Guide is a 12-week, online, circuit-based training program using MINIMAL EQUIPMENT (only requiring dumbbells and a bench) with only 3 lifting days and 3 cardio days, and workouts lasting around 30 minutes. Like all my programs, The Lean and Strong HIIT Guide is deeply rooted in an approach which prioritizes performance and mental gains rather than aesthetic ones. It is designed to make you feel stronger, faster, more nimble through safe and proven training methods while minimizing the risk of injury. It takes the pressure off losing weight and looking a certain way and motivates you to push to become the most fit you have been - without the stresses and anxieties other aesthetically-based programs create. This program will have you so entertained with trying to improve your performance and physical abilities to become the best athlete you can be that you will probably not realize how much your body has changed until one day you will realize you are the most fit you've ever been.


This program was designed for execution requiring only dumbbells and a bench


It is divided into three phases of weight training and cardio: 

  • Stability Training (weeks 1-4)
  • Strength Endurance Training (weeks 5-8)
  • Power Training (weeks 9-12)


Purchase of this program will grant you access to the Lean and Strong Training Group on Facebook. More information to be provided in a confirmation email. 


Unauthorized distribution of this program will result in legal action. 

Lean and Strong HIIT Guide

  • Unauthorized distribution of this program will result in legal action.